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Helix Duo Model: HDNES001

What is HelixDuo?

1st rule of HelixDuo?


2nd Rule of HelixDuo?

Play it...ALOT!!

3rd rule of HelixDuo?

Invite your friends to play it... ALOT!!

Enough with the rules. The HelixDuo is a TRUE hybrid game system. It is a fully functioning original 8 bit NES and a console & handheld emulation system. All housed inside the original NES case. You can play your original NES games using the original cartridges, controllers, and peripherals. Or you can turn on the emulation system and using a dualshock 3 wireless controller you can play thousands of other games you have loaded onto the system storage. Get ready for an experience like no other. Your about to enter the world of the HelixDuo.


A fully functioning 8 bit Nes. You can still use the original nes cartridges, Controllers & zapper.
A computer that runs an operating system with nearly 30,000 games for the following systems:
Atari jaguar
Gameboy color
Gameboy advance
Sega master system
Sega Genesis
Sega cd
Sega 32x
Sega dreamcast
Sega game gear
Playstation 1
Mame (arcade games)
Turbo grafix 16
The NES cartridge slot has been modified to act as both a cartridge slot and as a simple method to load Game roms onto the HDNES-001's internal storage(the HDNES-002 Docking station & HDNES-004 Super Mario Bros - Duck Hunt / Game rom transfer cartridge is required to transfer Game roms to the internal storage)
HDNES-002 Is a usb docking station designed for the HDNES-004 Hybrid game rom transfer cartridge. When plugged into a usb port on your computer you can load Game roms onto the HDNES-004 Hybrid cartridge. Once games are loaded onto the transfer cartridge you simply insert it into the NES cartridge slot and turn on the HDNES-001's computer. From here the rest of the process is automated. Once the Activity light on the HDNES-004 transfer cartridge stops blinking the transfer is complete.
HDNES-003 is an adapter that turns the left NES controller port (controller port 1) into a usb port. This adapter is used for connectiong USB peripherals ( keyboards and wired controllers) It is also used to pair wireless PS3 controllers to your HDNES-001 system.
HDNES-004 is a hybrid nes cartridge that Fucntions as both the Original NES Super Mario Bros - Duck Hunt game as well as a simple method for transferring Game roms to the HDNES-001's internal storage.
The emulation system uses wireless PS3 controllers to play all of the emulated games.
It is bluetooth enabled for use with Bluetooth headphones or wirelessly connecting to your home entertainment system or cars audio system..
2 standard headphone jacks for regular corded headphones.( can be used during long road trips where the driver doesn't want to hear mario's dissapointment in finding out the princess is in another castle for 12hrs)
Built in volume control for headphones as well as the ability to adjust the bass and treble indepently.
The Original NES has been modded to output stereo sound instead of mono.
The HDNES-001 can be programmed to turned on and off by any IR remote control (setup required)
The HDNES-001 has been wired in a way so the it only needs one set of cables to connect both systems to your tv.
Seperate Power indicators lights for each system. The original NES power light turns red while the HDNES-001 is in NES mode. While in computer mode the original NES light turns blue.
Fiber optics strands display the charge level of the internal battery.
Just in case your eyes glazed over while reading number 15 The HDNES-001 is Battery powered. Yes you read that right. The HDNES-001 is portable. you can pause a game unplug it from the tv and move it to another room without turning it off. You can also plug it into nearly all Automobile entertainment displays. The allows the HDNES-001 to provide over 12 hours of entertainment on one charge. This will help keep the kids both young and old occupied during those long road trips.
The HDNES-001 can be charged by plugging it into any standard wall outlet. However it also comes with a car charger so you can keep the battery topped off while your busting some heads in Street Fighter 2 on the way to grandma's in Florida.